About SalesNv

SalesNv is a management consulting firm specializing in technology sales

Technology Sales Consulting by SalesNvOur sales consultants partner with CEOs and VPs of Sales at technology companies to build a scalable sales process that delivers predictable revenue… an enviable situation. Whether you need bandwidth to get an item off your to-do list, or objective guidance on best practices, we can help you fine-tune your sales engine. Our 20+ years of experience, and our track record of working with over 175 clients, ensures you receive expert guidance to solve your sales challenges.

Enviable results

Upon conclusion of our engagements, we leave you in an enviable position. Other sales leaders will want to be like you—running a fine tuned sales engine with a team of sales professionals who consistently achieve quota and help create a cohesive and dynamic corporate culture.

Here are examples of sales consulting engagement results:

  • Increased annual sales from $15 million to $60 million in 3 years
  • Reduced time to new-hire productivity by 50%
  • Doubled annual sales 3 consecutive years
  • Reduced annual turnover from 50% to 10%
  • Increased client acquisition value to $360 million cash
  • Improved demo-to-close ratio from 37% to 45%

Custom solutions

While there are common challenges to selling technology our sales consultants recognize that every client’s situation is unique because of factors like:

  • organizational structure
  • go-to-market plans
  • the competitive landscape
  • team member profiles
  • compensation strategy
  • stage of growth
  • investor influence
  • spending plans
  • interdepartmental relationships

How we deliver a solution for Client A is typically different from how we deliver a solution for Client B. That’s why we deliver custom solutions to your sales challenges. Here’s one example: we developed and prepared to deliver a new hire on-boarding program in just two weeks for one high growth client. He needed a solution, in his words, “Down and dirty, done fast.” While another client needed an annual new hire on-boarding plan rolled out over four quarters in multiple geographies.

Proven methodologies

While our solutions are custom to your situation our sales consultants use proven methodologies to deliver our engagements.

  • First we identify what’s working, so that you can do more of it
  • We learn why customers have bought… and we learn how your top producers have sold
  • We identify why your company is successful and enable you to build a sales process on what works. Recognizing and building on your company’s success gains buy-in from everyone involved in our engagements
  • Then we prioritize and fix what’s negatively impacting sales. Generally, the issues negatively impacting sales are not difficult to discover. We help you prioritize and fix the issues that get the best return on investment
  • As we progress through an engagement, we identify and celebrate early wins. By reinforcing success with recognition, our engagements gain momentum and team members are enthused about change, not discouraged
  • Finally, we identify and track progress against measurable objectives so there is never a question about the value our sales consultants delivered
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