The SalesNv Difference

Why should you choose SalesNv instead of doing it yourself or using another sales consulting firm?

Why choose SalesNv

Here are ten reasons:

1. Custom solutions and proven methodologies
Unlike most sales consulting firms, we don’t deliver boilerplate solutions. Using proven methodologies, our engagements are custom to your sales situation so you receive a tailored solution that achieves sales results.

2. Benchmark information
Because we have worked with over 175 technology companies, you receive a cross-pollination of best practices from throughout the industry. We can provide benchmark information on how your sales organization stacks up against other technology sales organizations.

3. We can relate
The sales consultant who manages your engagement is a tenured technology sales leader possessing a proven track record as VP of Sales, so you work with someone who truly understands your situation; they’ve been there before.

4. Current and relevant information
We read the latest books, attend (and speak at) the sales conferences, stay current with the relevant LinkedIn groups, Sales 2.0 technologies, and the best practices in sales strategy, sales execution, and sales operations… so you don’t have to.

5. Objectivity
You get direct, objective feedback. Our obligation is to “the Client, Inc.” This means that you receive guidance based on what we believe is best for your company. We take no sides and present what we see as the solution to your problem, even if it means being contradictory to common beliefs or suggesting a person move to a different role.

6. Fast
We’re fast. Because we’ve been at it for so long, we develop solutions rapidly. You get that box on your to-do list checked off expeditiously so there are no delays to sales goal attainment.

7. Efficient
We’re efficient. Due to our extensive experience, you don’t have to spend hours explaining things. We know what to ask and we’re excellent listeners, so you can throw your sales challenges at us and move on to other priorities.

8. Group-think
We strategize your sales challenge as a team. No one is as smart as everyone. So we give you access to group-think and have multiple SalesNv team members discuss solutions to your sales challenges.

9. Cost effective
You get a cost effective solution. We can craft a solution that fits a budget or we can help build an ROI so you can make a business case for retaining SalesNv.

10. Measurable results
Our engagements are measurable. Typically, we can track progress against measurable objectives so you can show your CEO and CFO why working with SalesNv paid off.

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