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Too many pathetic voicemail messages

I’m astounded at how many pathetic voicemail messages I receive.  Dictionary.com defines pathetic as “miserably or contemptibly inadequate,” a weighty adjective for sure. As the owner of a sales consulting firm, maybe I’m extra sensitive to lousy voicemail messages,... read more

Life before and after a sales playbook

“Sit with Rob and watch how he uses the CRM,” Mary’s new sales manager told her.  Mary was psyched.  It was her second day at her new sales job and Rob was a top producer.  She knew this was an opportunity to learn how top producers do what they do. Rob said, “Okay, I... read more

Sales engine grader

There is much to consider when building a scalable sales process that delivers predictable revenue. Here's a quick way to narrow down the priorities. Grade your sales engine by assessing 12 components that are crucial to sales success:  Sales Engine Components... read more

Who owns your Sales Playbook?

If you have a sales playbook (well documented sales process) designed to enable everyone to sell like your A Players, congratulations!  It is a key step in building a scalable sales organization.  But, if your sales playbook isn’t managed by... read more

How to write a sales playbook

A sales playbook gives you a documented sales process that captures your best practices and enables everyone to sell like your A-players. Having a well designed sales playbook just makes sense! How do you write a sales playbook? From a conceptual level, your sales... read more
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