Sales Executive as a Service (SEaaS)

Our Sales Executive as a Service offering provides you with an experienced sales executive to fill the gap between your need to hire and actually hiring.

sales_professionals_rsz375_optIn addition to helping you through a time of transition, SEaaS can evaluate your sales leadership needs so that you can execute a more strategic search — all without having to worry about ongoing sales management execution.

Sales Executive as a Service enables you to:

  • Gain rapid access to a top flight technology sales executive or sales manager
  • Receive senior sales management expertise without the added expense of a full time employee
  • Receive guidance from a team of senior sales executives as the SalesNv team holds regular strategy sessions where our consultants review your company’s sales challenges
  • Postpone hiring middle management until the budget and organizational structure can support a full time position
  • Ensure your sales team receives relevant and focused training on a regular basis rather than paying for intermittent training that may not be 100% relevant to your team
  • Identify the skills needed to effectively manage the sales team before investing time and money hiring/promoting a full time person who may not be a correct match
  • Obtain support from qualified experts on issues like sales 2.0 technologies, sales enablement, sales playbooks, presentation tools, social networking, and all facets of marketing instead spending time searching for referrals
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