Sales Process and Playbooks

Sales Process

sales_process_rsz375_optLeveraging our years of experience working with hundreds of technology companies, we help you develop, enhance, document and publish your sales process and methodology, or fine-tune what you already have in place.

Having a single, consistent selling process and methodology is the means by which organizations gain control over their selling motion. In its absence, individual sales professionals are left to their own devices and the goal of a consistent go-to-market strategy is unobtainable. Our sales process and methodology refinement service helps you develop and implement the most effective sales process and leverage the best sales methodology for your unique business model and target market. We also work to make sure day-to-day sales processes and activities are in alignment with your chosen methodology, thereby ensuring consistency throughout your organization.

Sales Playbooks

We write sales playbooks to enable everyone to sell like your A Players. Extensive experience writing sales playbooks enables us to deliver a playbook that your sales team will embrace.

Playbooks are dynamic, so we don’t just write a playbook and submit it. We roll it out with you and continually identify and implement playbook enhancements, either using internal resources or leveraging our playbook updating service.

A properly written sales playbook:


  • Helps you drive a distinct, consistent sales process
  • Provides your entire team with access to top producer best practices and tribal knowledge
  • Leverages sales enablement principals to deliver the right information in the right format so that it is embraced, valued and used daily
  • Keeps your team members focused on top tier prospects
  • Aids your sales manager’s coaching initiatives
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