Custom Sales Training

Most sales training programs come complete with one built-in problem…they don’t get used!

new_hire_training_rsz375_optThere is no one to blame; it is the nature of typical sales development programs supplied by most training companies. If you want to truly affect change — change that will permanently improve your sales operations — you want more than “typical” offerings…you want SalesNv.

Traditional sales training

Your company is entering a growth phase. You sign up for a sales training program that you expect to increase revenue and profit margins. In short order, the sales team is motivated by new selling concepts that are introduced. Initial results are positive.

Not even six months later, a tour of the office reveals the salespeople have lost enthusiasm. Their training workbooks are only partially completed and tools in your CRM are not being accessed.

What happened?

The program was good, as is almost all sales training. The problem is people are reluctant to change the way they do business. It is not enough to simply deliver a standard training program and expect lasting results.

SalesNv sales training

It’s important to tailor training programs to the specific needs of individuals in the sales team as well as those of the company. Even more important is to link the training program to the existing techniques that have brought the company success — this is what puts our clients in an enviable situation.

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