New Hire Training & Onboarding

We build new hire onboarding programs to accelerate time to productivity.

new_hire_training_rsz375_optDuring our discovery process, we learn about your new hire profile, corporate culture, executive vision, product roadmap, competitive landscape, and what it takes to be a top producer on your sales team. Using this information, we design a new hire onboarding program that’s custom to your unique needs and matches your growth strategy.

For each client we:

  • Determine learning objectives
  • Create content
  • Identify the educational approach
  • Develop knowledge checkpoints
  • Plan the agenda and timing
  • Deliver the training
  • Provide reinforcement
  • Track results, and
  • Keep the program current

We specialize in building new hire training and onboarding programs, so we’ve developed proficiency and expertise. We can custom build a program for your sales organization in less time and with more objectivity than your internal resources are able to.

A well designed new hire onboarding program:

  • Attracts top producers
  • Makes the learning process trackable, enabling you to reward success and mitigate remedial learners
  • Embeds checkpoints in the process, ensuring new hires have learned what they have been taught
  • Frees your time for other important sales leadership responsibilities
  • Leverages the ideal combination of educational approaches (facilitator led, self study, case study, e-learning, peer to peer learning, field work, and tribal knowledge) to accelerate learning
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