Sales Organization Design

In addition to being primary revenue generators, sales professionals are some of the highest paid employees within a company. As such, their ability to spend a majority of their time in meaningful conversation with prospects is a critical sales organization goal.

sales_org_design_rsz375_optOur sales organization design fine-tuning looks at how your front-line personnel allocates their time, identifies which activities have the greatest impact on sales, and develops a strategy that maximizes selling time by off-loading non-sales activities. A well-designed sales organization not only manages these tasks more effectively, but also can make sure your automation strategy provides the tools that the sales team needs to function efficiently.

We also assess how a sales operations function may be able to play a role at interconnecting sales to other organizations and help you put in place processes that facilitate the flow of information and resources between groups.

Some, but not all, of the aspects of your sales organization design that we provide guidance on include:

  • Sales position(s) requirements
  • Career paths
  • Reporting relationships
  • Interdepartmental communication
  • Governance
  • Tribal knowledge sharing
  • Sales tools
  • Process automation
  • Sales Operations function
  • Marketing, sales, customer service, and product development alignment
  • Workflow

The result? You have a fine-tuned sales organization that delivers a maximum return on your investment.

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