Talent Acquisition Strategy

A strong Talent Acquisition Strategy is a critical element in building a successful sales organization.

talent_acquisition_rsz375_optWorking with your recruiting staff and hiring managers, we help you attract, hire, and retain sales professionals who not only achieve or exceed their quotas, but also help create a cohesive and dynamic sales team.


 Attracting talent

  • Position description updates
  • Recruitment ad copy
  • Job board strategy
  • Recruiter relations
  • Referral networking
  • Candidate sales presentation
  • Compensation planning

Hiring sales professionals

  • Candidate screening process
  • Interview planning
  • Reference checking
  • Assessment instruments
  • Candidate selection process
  • Candidate offer letter
  • Compensation negotiation plan

Retaining sales professionals

  • Compensation strategy
  • Recognition and rewards
  • Career path options
  • Coaching plan
  • Quota setting
  • Team meetings and events
  • Sales operations and process support
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