Build a Scalable Sales Team


sales_process_rsz375_optA technology company that had proven its ability to acquire profitable customers received venture capital that was earmarked to ramp up sales and marketing. A goal was set to scale the company by leveraging its existing track record, but there was no clearly defined sales process for doing so.


Our consultants were retained to document the sales process and provide guidance on how to enhance it where necessary. A sales guide was developed and published as an online knowledgebase. Following a nationwide recruitment process, a newly hired sales team was able to use the guide as a roadmap sales success.


By clearly documenting their sales process and critical sales success factors, new sales professionals were able to be on-boarded quickly, a consistent sales methodology was put in place, and a scalable sales model was achieved. Sales increased quarter after quarter and the company dramatically surpassed its three-year revenue goals.

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