Develop a Sales Operations Strategy


strategy_rsz375_optA division of a large media and communications company had grown its sales force to nearly 2,000 people without a dedicated sales operations function. Inconsistent practices and redundant resources across multiple regions made the goal of a unified go-to-market strategy elusive.


Our sales consultants were engaged to catalogue sales support needs, assess current resource allocation, and make recommendations for a centralized sales operations organization. A central challenge for this engagement was to develop this new organization in a headcount neutral environment.

Following an extensive data collection effort across five regions, a multi-tiered sales operations organization was recommended to provide for centralized administration and standards setting, while also allowing localized service delivery. The new organization was funded by personnel reallocation coupled with productivity improvements achieved by offloading non-sales-related activities from first-line managers so that they had additional time for training and coaching.


Implementation of a dedicated sales operations function improved operational efficiency and increased the use of standardized best practices. By centralizing and streamlining non-sales activities, sales managers were free to manage and were able to improve overall sales performance while working with lower staffing levels.

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