Develop a Sales Oriented Corporate Culture


team_culture_rsz375_optA high growth SaaS company in the financial services industry was experiencing inter-departmental conflict. Communications between the sales organization and the rest of the company were breaking down, teamwork was lacking, and employee morale was suffering.


Following interviews with management and employees from all departments, it was established that sales felt other departments lacked trust or a sense of urgency towards sales while the rest of the organization felt sales lacked respect or a sense of gratitude towards them.

A series of workshops were conducted that produced a consensus on the root causes of conflict. Employee communication plans were developed, managers were coached on leading change, behavioral change goals were established, and recognition plans were put in place – all designed with the corporate culture in mind.


Relationship breakthroughs happened at all levels during the months following implementation of the recommended changes. Morale improved and smiles, laughter, and even high-fives came to characterize interactions between departments. Revenues increased while the office became an enjoyable place to work.

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