Retrain the Sales Team for a Changing Product Strategy


new_hire_training_rsz375_optA technology company revamped its software from a collection of point solutions to a suite of tools. Suite selling promised larger revenue per sale, but the sales process had to change. Now C-level executives and committees were involved in the purchase instead of just director-level buyers.


Our consultants were retained to develop a custom sales training and reinforcement program for the sales team. The content included identification of top-tier prospects, connecting with C-level executives, competitive positioning, creating urgency in the sales cycle, and presenting a clear ROI. The five-month program included a series of instructor-led training sessions, tele-conferences and e-learning for reinforcing the program, and publication of instructional and motivational memos.


The average sale increased from $50k to $150k and two sales in excess of $500k were closed in the fourth quarter of the year the program was implemented. Based on this success, the company was able to hire additional sales personnel and sales increased over 40% to $14 million the next year.

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