Staff & Train a Consolidated Inside Sales Call Center


talent_acquisition_rsz375_optA technology company closed two disparate inside sales call centers and opened a new one in a different geography. This new outbound call center needed to be staffed and ramped up to productivity quickly. Internal resources that could accomplish this were already stretched thin and outsourcing was not an option.


Our consultants were retained to provide two senior inside sales executives on an interim basis. They partnered with Human Resources to recruit over 70 tele-sales professionals, develop and deliver new hire training, and manage performance to achieve measurable goals.


Within five months, the call center was fully staffed and overachieving sales goals. This surpassed the original goal of achieving targeted inside sales performance within six months. By the end of the first year, the team was performing sufficiently well to hand its management over to new, mid-level managers, eliminating the need for more costly senior managers. The team continued to outperform similar call centers nationwide.

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